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C. L. D3 Drops


Vitamin D is essential for normal bone growth and development and to maintain bone density. It is also necessary for utilization of both Calcium and Phosphorus. Vitamin D acts as a hormone and increases reabsorption of Calcium and Phosphorus by the kidneys and increased bone turnover.


It has been widely accepted that vitamin D deficiency (VDD) is a global health problem that impacts not only musculoskeletal health but also varied acute and chronic diseases [1]. Low vitamin D has been associated with an increased risk of diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, cognitive decline, autoimmune disorders and pregnancy complications.
Children and teens need 10 times more than the recommended dose of vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 deficiency in children can have adverse health consequences, such as growth failure and rickets.


children older than two months receive 200 IU of supplemental vitamin D daily.
It’s recommended that breastfed babies with at least one other risk factor for low vitamin D, like dark skin, take a vitamin D supplement of 400 IU.